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Weddings and Parties

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We like weddings and what we like even more is to perform at them! We offer you programms, which can be combined and you can build for you and your guests a beautiful experience.

Wedding Dance

We offer newlyweds lessons of wedding dance. Historical dance, flamenco or cheerful Indian dances are an original and unusual addition to any wedding.
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Fire Classic

Our most ordered wedding program: a fire show in oriental or glamour style. At the end of the show a big burning heart for the newlyweds is ready, which they can light themselves and take pictures with it.

For romantics and those who have fire in their hearts

Joy and passion in dances in unrepeatable Spanish atmosphere this is our Flamenco performance. A guitarist and dancer, captivating rhythms and a dance school for your guests – that everything awaits you!
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Journey in Time

You don’t have to organize your wedding at a castle to travel into history. We will take you back to the Middle Ages or Napoleonic times, we will show you examples of dance and fencing, and together with you we will dance a simple dance in which all ages categories will be entertained. At the folk-style party, we prepared a performance in the historical Hungarian spirit with authentic garments and weapons from the period of the Hungarian Empire.

Unconventional and Magical Energy

If you want to have an fresh program at your wedding, we recommend you Indian dances. For audience they are attractive for beautiful costumes, extraordinary music and demanding movements and gestures, which show meaning of the choreographies. We love dances full of energy that will not let anyone sit on chairs, and a school of bhangra, an energetic dance from Indian Punjab, is also waiting for you.
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Oriental Mood

For fans of the charm of exotic movements, the aroma of the Orient and the unique elegance of belly dancing, we offer an oriental program with beautiful music. We will dance for you with large wings, veils or in drum solo rhythms, or we can stylize our performance in the atmosphere of an ancient oriental courtyard in historical costumes.

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