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Historical Programs

Educational and entertainment programs, presentation of dances from Antiquity, through Medieval times and Renaissance to Baroque and Empire. Educational lectures and dance schools for schools also in the form of historical shows.

Historical dances

Duration of every performance: 10-20 min.

Number of performers: 2-8

Presentation of courtyard dances and dance of common people, as well as costumes from the Middle Ages to Renaissance, Baroque, and Empire.

Educational program for children

Duration: 30-90 min.

Počet účinkujúcich: 2-6

Interactive lectures for children, talking about the history of dance, the development of fashion over the centuries, teaching individual steps and dances from different periods (Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque).

Ancient Rome

Duration: 3-15 min.

Number of performers: 2-8

Performances in the style of the Ancient Rome are very attractive thanks to captivating costumes, changing of dramatic and joyful motifs, and the effort to take the viewer back in time to the atmosphere of Roman festivals or temple ceremonies.

Folk historical programmes

Duration: 3-12 min.

Number of performers: 2-8

Folk, historical events go hand in hand with ribbon poi dances, historical dances, or fencing. Authentic garments and weapons from the period of the Hungarian Empire.

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