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Fire Show

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Fire Show is a popular type of performance suitable for any event, if the organisers wish to show their guests something different and attractive. In our performances, we use all kinds of fire instruments, such as poi, fans, ropes, sticks etc.

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Glamour Fire Show

Duration : 5-12 min.

Number of performers: 2-3

Dance fire show in an elegant style with music to well-known songs in violin performance.

Oriental Fire Show

Duration: 5-20 min.
Number of performers: 1-5

An oriental fire show with graceful belly dancing is offered in both modern and historical form, with historicizing costumes.

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Wedding Fire Show

Duration: 5-12 min.

Number of performers: 1-3

In addition to a short show, we will please the bride and groom with a big heart, which they will light up together and create a beautiful photopoint.

Priestesses of Fire – (not only) indoor Fire Show

Duration: 5-10 min.

Number of performers: 3

Dance Fire Show in oriental fusion style is designed primarily for interiors, where it is not possible to use large fire tools. Instead, we dance with small fires, veils and wings.

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Ancient Fire Show

Duration: 5-30 min.

Number of performers: 3-20

An antique fire show, which we offer in a chamber dance version as well as in a version of a spectacular show, including horses.

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