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Dance Lessons

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In Flamenškola we have flamenco dance courses for beginners and intermediates under the guidance of La Linda (Linda Stasíková), we deal with the technique of footwork, elegance of hands and correct dance posture, and at a higher level also choreography. Everyone is welcome!
Our current lessons:

Tuesdays 18,15-19,15 advanced beginners, Lilienka, Haanova 35, Petržalka

Thursdays 17-18,30 intermediate, Stret klub, Košická 4A, Ružinov

Shakti Dance School

Shakti is the first dance group in Slovakia, which is profiled exclusive on Indian dances. Beginnings of our group are in the year 2006. Our activities also include workshops and educational programmes on India and its culture.

We are currently teaching in Bratislava:

Tuesdays 17,15-18,15 Intermediate, Lilienka, Haanova 35, Petržalka

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Oriental Dance Courses

In our oriental dance courses we focus on technique and healthy execution of individual oriental elements and choreographies. Our current lesson:

Mondays 18,00-19,00 advanced beginners. Stret klub, Košická 4A, Ružinov

If you are interested in individual dance classes, do not hesitate to contact us.

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