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Discover the magic of exotic moves, breathe in the aroma of the Orient, listen to the beautiful music, and be swept away by the unique elegance of this beautiful dance!

Oriental Mystery

Duration: 3-12 min.

Number of performers: 1-2

Classic belly dance, combined with the shimmy rhythm in fast-paced choreographies. Optional we dance also with different accessories as veils, veil poi or wings.

Historical Orient

Duration: 3-15 min.

Number of performers: 1-3

The atmosphere of an ancient oriental court, where the dancers perform dances with veils, sabres and candles. We also offer a historical Turkish sabre dance – in historical, 17th century Turkish costumes with authentic historical weapons. In the choreography the sabre is portrayed both as a precious treasure and dangerous weapon.

Temperamental Fusion Bellydance

Duration: 3-10 min.

Number of performers:1-2

A colourful mix of solo or duo choreographies in tribal fusion style. Cheerful dancing in pairs, with large wide skirts in temperamental rhythms, charleston fusion and, of course, temperamental drum solo.


Duration: 3 min.

Number of performers: 1

Arabo-flamenco – fuses the elegance of belly dance and the temperament of flamenco. The dancer dances in resonant flamenco shoes. The performance can be completed with flamenco dancing.

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